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Solar panel charge controller

Solar panel charge controller
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Model: SUNC01
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- Rated current (A): 30A

- Rated voltage (V) ······ 12V / 24V combined

Operation verification Temperature (℃) ···· -25 ~ 60 ℃

-Charging voltage (V) ··· 8V - 35V and (setting you will be able to)

-Quiescent current: 15mA

Size: 143 × 77 × 40mm

- Weight: 260G


● newly upgraded: 4096 resolution ratio in the 32-bit data acquisition by the microprocessor will not exceed the 8-bit microprocessor of the former in a much more accurate 1024 resolution ratio.


● newly upgraded: shown the voltage of the solar panel, you can check.


● newly upgraded: I can has been shown by the results and the state is automatically rotation of each of the monitoring parameters (automatic scan).


● newly upgraded: Write operation sensitivity can be reliably recognize the day and night in response to the voltage of the solar cell panel is set flexibility.


● new upgrade: float charge voltage controls the particular flexibility voltage of the battery, that can be applied to simultaneously charge and discharge, can be set.


● new upgrade: Parameters of such cells in various wide range are suitable for the lithium battery can be flexibly adjusted, charging and discharging. All new and old batteries, as long as it is charged, it is possible to apply the to.Generally, may use a range of discharge parameters (8V -35V), or any of the batteries (25V-78V).


● newly upgraded: automatic temperature compensation and adjustable compensation parameters, such as lithium batteries can be used to select an occlusion temperature compensation.


● newly upgraded: flame-retardant plastic shell


● newly upgraded: a liquid crystal display screen of a wide temperature range is a visual graphic symbol display.





· 12V · 24V battery voltage automatic recognition function

· LCD status display (input, battery, output) and the timer mode

- Overcharge protection feature

And over-discharge prevention function

· Backflow prevention function

Timer function

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Solar panel charge controller
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Solar panel charge controller
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